Ray Celona

Guitarist, singer, songwriter

Whats new?

"Alive" and "Tomorrow" are now both available on iTunes and other online music stores! Get them here!
Have a film project you're working on and need some origninal music? Check out my new Versus Media account!
As always, I'm busy writing and recording in my home studio, so check back often for new releases in addition to what's in the "Songs" menu!

A little history...

My passion for music began at a very young age. I remember being home while I was still too young for school and sitting in front of the radio. Listening in awe I wondered how all those cool sounds were made and thinking that some day I too would be able to do the same thing. Now, I'm in my early 30s and I've been playing guitar for over 20 years, I write and record original music in my home studio and I teach guitar lessons in person or via Skype. I've played all over the country from coast to coast and I'm currently working with drummer Aaron "Monty" Montgomery (Trapt) and Jacque Chambers (Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Shirley Manson etc.) who provides vocal coaching, creative ideas and a little bit of mental solidarity!

I was born and raised in Rhode Island where I still reside to this day and I'm very active in the local music community in the entire New England area. I'm currently available for studio work, songwriting, lessons and live gigs.
To contact drop me a line here, join my mailing list, or find me on Facebook and Twitter!

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About the music...

Working in many projects and with many talented musicians has had a very positive impact on my musical stlye and writing abilities. Though at the core my music largely rock, you can also hear influences from blues, jazz and even a bit of country! My songs tell very real, honest stories about life and the world today. Songs about love, songs about reality, songs about problems in the world today, songs about personal issues and songs about the government are some of the many topics covered in my music. Listen and download your favorites!

"Rays music synthesizes and blends timeless genres bringing a unique sound that contains strong hooks." -- Jacque Chambers, vocal coach